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I Am King… Well, Queen I guess…

I am sitting at a round, wooden table with seven other people. I recognize each of their faces and I know that I am the leader here. Much like King Arthur, I sit with them as equals even though I am the one in charge. We have been receiving a lot of threats lately. I know that someone wants me dead. It is a personal threat and I fear bringing it to the table but in that same breath I know I must.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it has been brought to my attention that Prince Braden wants me dead. He has threatened me via letter and other small coincidences on the street. I am not going to change my day for this man and I will not appear weak by going into hiding. If he comes, he comes. You need to be well-aware that if he outsmarts me then I may not make it. I expect none of you to fight my personal battle and there will be no change in your routines either. While it is a matter of the kingdom it is also a matter of personal grievances and I will not mix the two together. Understood?”

Each of the knights nod and while I could tell they did not agree they also did not question my judgement. I nod back in acknowledgement and then rise from my position to take care of some other business.

It is then that I am walking down a dimly lit hallway. There are candles lining the wall and I am wearing a night gown of some sort. Why am I up so late? I think as I stroll through the halls. It is then that I begin to feel this panic deep in my chest but I stand straight and tall. I will not show the fear that I am facing. I am not running and I will not run. No one is with me and I do not think any one knows that I am in danger.

Someone grabs my arm and yanks me back. I turn and see that my attacker is wearing all black, including a dark hood with a face mask. I do not scream nor fight, merely face him.

“I am going to ask you to let go of my arm one time” I threaten. I can feel the energy and intensity in my eyes as I stare at him. I cannot see the color of his eyes, only a shadow of where I think his eyes should be.

He laughs for a moment. “You’re coming with me,” he states quietly but his voice is strong. I pull my arm towards me, making him move towards me. I use the momentum of my pull to strengthen my punch and hit him in the face. His head rocks back for a moment but he is a warrior and grabs my wrist. I fall back, trying to use my weight to make him let go of my arms but he is trained for military combat. I am too but I am smaller than him and it is going to take an intelligent, sneaky move for me to get away from him.

“Are you done?” He questions, which pisses me off but I push my emotions back and look at him like the leader I am.

“I will never be done”

And then I woke up.